Where to begin…

I’ve been pondering for what seems like days, trying to decide what I wanted my next blog post to be about.

There’s just too many options, where does a gal begin?

Then I started thinking about my time with younique, why was I under the impression that all of Youniques products were so, “high end”?

The truth is, the majority of ladies that start selling for younique (presenters) don’t know a god damn thing about makeup.

I didn’t get recruited for my amazing talent of knowing everything about makeup. No, I got recruited(sounds like I’m joining the fucking army) because I have a pretty face. Now, that DEFINITELY is not why everyone gets recruited/becomes a boss babe. I mean let’s be real…we’ve all seen the pictures. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRETTY TO JOIN YOUNIQUE! If you have no idea what I’m talking about go to Instagram and search; #younique.

I knew about what the average girl knows about makeup, which is sad.

I wore makeup once a week? If not, less. I didn’t give a shit about going into public with a naked face.

I was the “perfect candidate”, aka a stay at home mom. I swear they search far and wide for us, YOU CANT HIDE FROM THEM!

So I got recruited by an old friend. After telling her no twice. But as the uplines tell you, “no just means not right now”. Don’t even get me started on that one!

So I started selling, having no fucking idea what I was doing. But I winged it, and not to toot my own horn, I was pretty good at the whole selling thing.

I bought a bunch of their products, a few here, a few there. And all the presenters were like OMG YOU HAVE TO BUY THE TOUCH MINERAL LIQUID FOUNDATION/LIQUID GOLD/PHOTO SHOP IN A BOTTLE!! Yes these are real nicknames for their foundation.

Me: Holy fucking shit, $40 for a bottle of foundation?

My sponsor: omg it’s totally worth it hun, it’s photo shop in a bottle!

I caved. I tried it, it matched my skin tone perfect and the coverage was decent, so I bought into the whole, younique has high end products, and these are just the prices for high end makeup.

And so it began.

The Younique Foundation was just the cherry on top of the mother fucking cake.

So, see you can’t entirely blame the presenters. Yeah their annoying as all hell, they honestly just don’t know any better.

Until next time,


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