Youniques Anniversary glitter palette review.

Younique released this limited edition glitter Anniversary palette as part of their November “kudos”.

If you buy the kudos, it comes with this glitter palette, a cream shadow, a lipstick, and a creme shadow brush all for the low price of $85! Or if you JUST want the glitter palette you can buy it for a low price of $55!

WAIT WHAT? $85? Are you freakin kidding me? $55 isn’t sounding any better.

Before I received the palette, I already had some major issues with it.

1.) the first three shadows on the far right on the palette aren’t even glitter, they’re matte eyeshadows. Wtf?

2.) the shadows don’t look very glittery, they look really dark.

About two days after the palette was released, corporate started announcing a few things about the glitter palette.

1.) you need to use a cream shadow as a base-why? Because if you don’t the color will just go on black. Seriously? What kind of glitter palette is this?

2.) this is a Smokey eye palette. Well corporate didn’t say anything about a Smokey eye when they unveiled the product to the presenters.

3.) you can’t not blend this palette-if you do you will lose all of the glitter.

4.) okay so how do I apply this “glitter” eyeshadow then? – according to all the uplines and corporate you have to use either your finger or your brush, and pack it on to your eyelid. Remember, no blending! So you pack it on to your eyelid, and you pack on a LOT, you should probably buy two glitter palettes just in case you run out packing so much onto your eyelid, and then tap, tap, tap.

5.) and that’s it! But oh wait a few small details to mention/ponder….

You will now look like you have two black eyes. But that’s ok because it’s a Smokey eye look

You will experience fall out. On your cheeks, under your eyes, etc.

The upline said you may not notice the glitter until you are in the perfect lighting, or sunlight. Oh? Well perfect, that sounds great.

According to the upline this palette is highly pigmented. So then why do I need to pack a shit load onto my eyelid?

This IS a black eyeshadow with glitter, not a glitter eyeshadow, there’s a difference.

It is extremely hard to notice the colors on your eyelid, because the black is so fucking overwhelming.

What about eye primer? Presenters are always saying how freakin important the eye primer is. I guess not in this case. So just throw your $40 tube of eye primer off to the side, because you won’t be needing it for this crazy glitter bomb party!

I sure hope you have Youniques makeup remover cleansing wipes that they sell for a whopping $20, to remove your glitter party off your eyelids. Because it is hard as shit to remove the glitter party eyeshadow. Oh wait that’s right, their cleansing wipes didn’t do the job. This is what you’ll have after trying to remove the eyeshadow…

Oh LOOK, I think I see some glitter finally! Or, is that just her first layer of skin that got removed when trying to take the eyeshadow off?

But, the very, very, very best part of this terrible tragedy is that a few days ago the uplines asked the presenters to not refer to this palette as a glitter eyeshadow palette. Wait what? You can’t be serious! Oh I am very serious! That’s ok the hunbots are very adaptive to change…oh wait.

In summary, I would NEVER EVER recommend this product to anyone, not even my enemies.

1.) over priced garbage

2.) not a glitter palette-if you want a glitter palette go on amazon, hell go to Walmart or target, and I’m sure wet n’ wild has a much better product.

3.) it is not pigmented(all the presenters actually strongly believe that all their eyeshadows are highly pigmented ha!)

So there you have it!


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