My Younique Journey Began

At first i couldn’t believe how expensive their products were. But very quickly i found out that their products are expensive, because younique only sells high end skin care & makeup products.

I watched my Y-Sisters live videos, trying to learn as much as i could. Every presenter had every single one of Youniques products. In the presenters live videos they would do things such as a half face, the flawless four(primer, foundation, concealer, and the foundation brush), eyeshadow tutorials, and of course putting eyeshadow swatches on their arm with and without eye primer, and of course their famous 3D+ fiberlash mascara.

I️ couldn’t believe how well the foundation covered everything. I️ decided to spend the $40 on the foundation, and $32 on the foundation brush.

I️ finally did my first live video! I️ was so nervous. I️ took the smartass joking route in my video, because well that kinda sums up my personality. I’m not one to be fake, or even too serious, or lie. The more live videos I️ did, the more people would watch. People thought my live videos were hilarious. I️ kept doing the live videos, and I️ would buy a few products here and there. I️ was in love with Youniques products!

It was really hard to sell anything. So I️ started hitting up my family. I️ got a few sales, and hit the $125 in sales to get to the white status. Everyone was so excited how quickly I️ hit white status.

Between the products I️ was buying for myself, and the sales I️ got, I️ hit yellow status by my 5th week as a presenter for younique. My Y-Sisters were soooooo excited! And they posted it on all the Younique Facebook groups, they said I️ was on fire, being a presenter for younique came naturally for me, and that I️ hit yellow soooo fast!

My sponsor started to tell me that I️ need to recruit some people. They gave me tips and advice on how to do this. I️ started posting about it on Facebook, and in my VIP group, I️ didn’t get one single like. No one seemed interested.

My sponsor and my y-sisters who were at a higher color status started coaching me on how to get a recruit. One of them gave me a script, and told me I️ need to start messaging every girl on Facebook messenger. The script went something like this; hey girl!!! I️ hope you’re doing well! I️ noticed your posts on Facebook and your makeup always looks so good. You’re so pretty, have you thought about joining younique. You can do it all from your phone, and make extra money!

I️ sent the message to a couple people, everyone ignored. I️ felt pretty uncomfortable about sending a scripted message to my Facebook friends. But my y-sisters told me it’s not about recruiting girls, it’s about showing them how amazing younique, and sharing your love of what you do with other ladies!

I️ finally got a girl to join! She didn’t have the money to pay for a $99 kit, so I️ paid for it. But that didn’t matter, I️ had a girl under me! All my y-sisters were soooo excited eakkkkkk! She didn’t end up selling a single thing, her account went inactive and eventually terminated.

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