It’s so easy to hate them

It’s so easy to hate these people that work for an MLM. After all,

they’re pushy,

they post motivational things to captivate their audience, and come off as someone who is real.

They randomly friended you on Facebook, and you have no idea who they are.

They just randomly messaged you to see how you’re doing, only to throw a sales pitch into what you thought was a nice conversation.

They post their “why” once a week.

You get randomly added to their, “VIP” group.

We the people of social media are sick and tired of these MLMers spamming our social media sites!

But did you know that behind every MLMer is their sponsor, or upline, or recruiter, or whatever the fuck that company calls that person who is 1, 2, 3 or whatever colors, or diamonds, or whatever levels ahead of this MLMer. And that ultra boss babe leader is breathing down that poor newly recruited MLMers neck.

This ultra boss babe leader is telling the newly recruited MLMer:

1.) Post 3-5 times a day in your super duper VIP group, and her personal page. It must be a combination of motivational, your face next to a product, and something advertising your amaaaaazing business.

The fuck? And this is every day? EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. But you need to be consistent and post every day, because after all if you don’t post 3-5 x a day you won’t get any customers, then you’ll never move up the pyramid, and you’ll never become an ultra boss babe leader.

2.) do a live video every day.

Are you kidding me, every day? Yup, it better be every day otherwise your losing customers that some other ultra 5x diamond boss babe will snatch up. PLUS, live videos are the best way to get sales. O rly? Why? Who the fuck knows. Wait, does this mean I have to shower every day? Well shit, I’m cool with doing the other shit, but, taking a shower every single god damn day? I didn’t sign up for this, can I just use some dry shampoo like 4 days in a row? NO YOU MUST SHOWER OR YOU WONT BE SUCCESSFUL!

3.) start growing your team!

Huh? Basically you better start talking about how amazing your biz is, how you are your own boss, basically you better start faking it, lying, deceiving people, and telling people your making major bank, even though you’ve actually lost money. If you don’t grow your team you’ll never move up the pyramid, and also your sponsor will be super hunbot pissed. Because their not making money off of you and your recruits. GET IT TOGETHER BETCH!

4.) lets all post our “why” today!!!!!!!!

The fuck is a why? Well, talk about why you joined this amazing business. It better fucking be moving and cause a girl to tear up. Tell everyone that you are your own boss, even though your not, and you actually had to sign a legal agreement. Tell them it has changed your life, and became part of this aaaassshmazing lash boss dream team sisterhood! You can work when you feel like it, even though that’s not true. Say that you wish you hadn’t waited so long to join. You should probably make a collage, with your face, a pic of the starter kit, and your company’s innovative logo. Make sure you use heart emojis in place of bullet points. Oh and show how much you love what you do by using every emoji two times! Oh and end your why with, “watch me or join me”. That phrase will make every female want to know more about your lash biznessssssss.

This is not everything, but a few of the top ones. Next time you see an annoying MLM post, think back to this blog entry. Maybe show a little sympathy?

I mean what do I know though? I only used to be a hunbot. Don’t hate on the little guy. Hate the founders, and the very top leaders. These are the real bad guys. The pyramid sets the Huns up for failure before they even started. The Huns at the bottom, they’re all the company’s customers. The Huns buy product to show it off, and then again to meet their monthly goal, and then they decide they need to build up stock. They eventually lose all hope of moving up the pyramid, and quit only to be replaced by two more hunbots.

I feel bad for the Huns. They were lied to, deceived, given false information, because let’s be honest this was the only way to get anyone to join. They just wanted to make a little extra money, they had no idea it would be like this.

This is all my take on it anyway. Decide for yourself. You do you brah.

Edit: I finished up this post kinda quickly. I had a killer migraine, please forgive me!

I know there are ALWAYS two sides to every coin. Because I worked in an MLM my view point is a bit skewed. What I mean is, I see MLMers differently than your average joe who has never worked for an MLM. I saw this post on reddit, a business owner was venting about people who work for MLMs. They talked about how they worked their ass off to get where their at today. Then you have all these MLMers who call themselves “business owners”. I definitely saw this persons point too. If I was that person I would be pissed, and angry, and feel like these MLMers are making a joke out of being a business owner. Anyway, I enjoy reading about other people’s perspectives on things.

Feel free to leave yours in a comment or email me!


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