I Can’t NOT express my opinion, sorry, not sorry. Part Two

The following is a quote from my blog post titled, “An Interview With Paige, A Sexual Abuse Survivor that attended The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat


“So the retreat is held up in the mountains in Lehi, Utah. For those flying in from out-of-state, they pick you up from the airport. For those that are driving, you’re given a meeting spot, and then you all caravan down together. A lot of people have been kind of concerned about the retreat being at an “undisclosed location,” which seems a little weird. But when I got there, I realized that a lot of the girls’ families didn’t actually know where they were, and they didn’t want them to know. Some of them were from abusive relationships and other varying circumstances, and the foundation felt like it was in the women’s’ best interests to not just show the address online.”

The retreat is held up in the mountains in Lehi, Utah.

Well that’s pretty vague.

Well, where the fuck is this place?

On several occasions, I have researched The Haven Retreat in an attempt to find out where this retreat is located. I dug DEEP, and found nothing.

Why is the location such a secret?

Why is it not listed anywhere on the internet?

Why doesn’t The Younique Foundation tell EVEN retreat participants the location much less the address of the Haven Retreat?

Googled Lehi, Utah to find out more information on the location of The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat.

According to the Lehi, Utah website the city has a population of roughly 54,000 people, give or take a few.

Fun fact – Lehi, Utah was originally settled by Mormon pioneers.

I urge you to visit Lehi, Utah. It’s simply breathtaking! (See below)

So with 54,000-ish people living in Lehi (back in 2015 anyway) it makes this official investigation a bit difficult. Although it could be worse.

I finally caved. I decided to visit the  Utah Government website. I visited this website before so I was pretty familiar with it.

Once on the Utah Government website I clicked on:


Then clicked on “Online Business services”

From the drop down menu I clicked on “Other Services”

Then I clicked on “Business Entity Search”

Once you are on this page you can search for a business; by business name, executive name, or Entity number.

I chose to search by Executive name (Maxfield)

Ooooooooooh this is sooooo exciting! *Ponders what juicy details I will find muah ha ha*

I get to the next screen which reads, “select payment method”.

WHAT??? You’ve got to be kidding me. They want me to fucking pay for this shit? Fuck tha…well its only $3.00 and I’m extremely curious what I may or may not find. Okay let’s go big or go home. I went BIG!

I put in my credit card information and paid the bloody $3.00 fee, argh! I finally hit the submit button…
Now for a moment, imagine walking into a beautiful church and there’s this amazing, beautiful choir singing, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah”!


All I see is “Derek P. Maxfield” listed next to these businesses over, and over, and over. HOLY FUCK! I have some research to do!


A lot of the businesses associated with the name “Derek P. Maxfield” I couldn’t find jack shit on.

A “Derek Maxfield” owns an airplane (no comment).

There were several businesses that I thought could be THE link to more information on the Haven Retreat but my searches so far turned up nothing. Damn.

I decided to do one last search.

Oh.. my.. god.

To be continued….

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