I Can’t NOT Express my opinion, Sorry, Not Sorry. Part One

It’s really difficult for me to not scream my opinions to the mountain tops.

What can I say i’m a negative Nancy, a cynic, an asshole, or however you want to view it. Im cool with all of the above.

In my last post, i interviewed “Paige Turner” (LOL get it?) on her experience attending the Younique Foundation Haven retreat. It was nice to finally hear someones experience at the retreat who isn’t a presenter. I got some insight into what goes on during this 4 day retreat. And, i really do appreciate Paige coming forward, telling her story, and sharing some very private details about her life. Paige, Thank You.

The interview with Paige, was a chance for her to tell her story, to talk about her experience, and lay out the facts. My intentions are NOT to bash Paige, or her experience at the retreat. Im glad she found something that worked for her.

With all of the above being said, i do have some concerns/points i would like to discuss.

After an applicant fills out her application and submits it, the next step in the application process is to have a phone interview with an “intake coordinator”.

What is an “Intake Coordinator” anyway? Well, i did some digging on Indeed, an intake coordinator accurately fills out and completes all intake(new patient, or potential new), or applicable forms. A college degree is not required, its not even highly sought after.

So, this intake coordinator has in their hands a womans application, filled with nothing but extremely personal information such as medical/psych diagnoses, a list of her current meds, a lives worth of psych history, wether said person can function day to day, wether or not she lashes out if she hears her abusers name spoken, all those little, tiny, intricate details you probably wouldn’t even tell your closest friend. But dont worry, you; the sexual abuse victim are in good hands. <Sarcasm>

On the other end of that phone, you have an inexperienced, uneducated, likely not very familiar with medical diagnoses, or prescription drugs. But he/she has your very private application right in front of them ready to judge i mean evaluate you to see if you’re “qualified” to attend the haven retreat. Don’t worry hun, you’re in good hands.<Sarcasm>

Is that all? OH…no, no, no, no, no!

This intake coordinator will ask you several personal, sensitive, confidential questions. Not only will he/she do this, but rest assured they will do it with a very judgemental tone. The manner in which these questions are asked will be in a very demeaning, unsympathetic, rude demeanor. And all these questions they will ask you, they’re not to get to know you better. NO! Each question serves a purpose, so if you happen to answer yes to any one of these questions…sorry, but you are rejected/eliminated from the younique foundation haven retreat. Better luck next year.

Ok so Let me get this straight:

The Founder (Derek Maxfield) & Co-Founder (Melanie Huscroft) started their makeup line, “Younique” solely to fund The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat. According to YouTube videos, articles, and blah blah blah, Derek & Melanie feel very strongly about this cause (or so I’m told).

Sadly, as a child Melanie was sexually abused. So, if anyone feels a strong connection to this cause it’s Melanie.

  • Why is Melanie not involved in the YF, even in the slightest?
  • Why is Derek the “founder” of The Younique Foundation?
  • Why is Derek’s wife, “Shelaine” the president of the Younique Foundation?
  • Why is Melanie always placed on the back burner?—-ok we’re starting to veer off topic here.

What I was getting to is this…

If the YF is the Maxfield family’s TRUE passion, and the reason behind why they started selling younique makeup, is to fund the foundation…

…Then why are they giving so few fucks? Let me explain.

  1. The YF is a retreat specifically for grown women(18 or older) who were sexually abused as children/adolescents. Right. We already know this.
  2. The YF is concentrating on a very specific kind of abuse, that happened at a very specific stage in life, that happened to a specific gender.
  3. They’re not a shelter. The YF isn’t taking in children, boys, girls, women with a wide array of issues—-I know, one issue can turn into several just hang in there.

The YF focuses on one issue, ONE. One large issue, but still one.

Women who were sexually abused as children.

Because the YF is focusing on one (large) issue;childhood sexual abuse, they in a way have the upper hand in a sort of way. The YF has the ability, and the privilege to SOLELY focus on this.

So why aren’t they doing more?

Why aren’t they accepting all women?

One might argue that they don’t accept all women, for the safety of the other women.

I call fucking bullshit.

You have a fucking charity retreat for damaged women!!!!!!

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  1. I know you didn’t mean anything malicious by it, but we sexual abuse survivors are not damaged. Hurt, yes; abused, yes; but not damaged.

  2. Bekah: Thank you for your comment. I apologize for using the word “damaged”. Thank you for letting me know, I’ll be more careful with my choice of words in the future.

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