End Of The Month

It’s the end of the month for Younique, and all MLMs. You know what that means, push, push, push! They need to finish the month strong! Get those last minute sales in so that they can hit their goals.

Watch out especially for those yellows, they REALLY want to hit pink this month so they can get that $200 bonus that Derek was so generous to offer!

God, he is so great, he’s down to earth, funny, and would do anything for his presenters! Wait…

What? Do you mean…he lies to his Y-Family AKA his presenters??? Whattttttt???? It can’t be! Oh hun, it totally can be.

Let’s go back to that AAAAAAAMAZING $200 bonus he’s offering to his yellow and white presenters if they hit pink.

In order to hit pink status there’s a few things you have to do.

1.) you need to have at LEAST one person underneath you, so if you don’t have someone you need to go out and recruit at least one person. And, let’s be honest, that shit is hard AF.

2.) you need to have at least $250 in sales. Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad. That’s like two younique products LAWL.

Ok so far this totally sounds doable, an extra $200 in my pocket would be nice.

3.) you and your downline, AKA that one person you recruited, you two need to have combined sales of at least $2000.

But wait it gets better. Every time a presenter makes a sale they get 25% commission, so that sale you just made only the 75% after your commission is taken out is counted towards that $2000 you need to hit. Are you still with me?

Basically only 75% of a presenters sale go towards the $2000 you need to make. It’s math time eakkkkkkkk!!!!!!!11111!!!!!

$2000 X 25%=$500

Wow! Ok so the presenter and her “downline” ACTUALLY need to make at least $2500 in sales.

Well shit, that’s pretty fucked up. But remember Derek loves his presenters. Is that how you show love? Apparently so.

Wait, so I️ have to recruit one person and get $2500 in sales? That’s a hell of a lot for just $200.

And that OH SO LOVING Derek is only giving $200. $2000 divided by $200 comes out to 10%. WHAT THE FUCK?

You have to make 25% more in sales, but he’s only giving you 10% of your sales.

I️ don’t know about you but to me that seems like a LOT of fucking work for just $200.

MAYBE, he actually doesn’t give a flying fuckity fuck fuck about his presenters and just wants more sales. GASP! It can’t be true!!!! Oh hunbot, sorry not sorry it totally is true.

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