I Can’t NOT express my opinion, sorry, not sorry. Part Two

The following is a quote from my blog post titled, “An Interview With Paige, A Sexual Abuse Survivor that attended The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat


“So the retreat is held up in the mountains in Lehi, Utah. For those flying in from out-of-state, they pick you up from the airport. For those that are driving, you’re given a meeting spot, and then you all caravan down together. A lot of people have been kind of concerned about the retreat being at an “undisclosed location,” which seems a little weird. But when I got there, I realized that a lot of the girls’ families didn’t actually know where they were, and they didn’t want them to know. Some of them were from abusive relationships and other varying circumstances, and the foundation felt like it was in the women’s’ best interests to not just show the address online.”

The retreat is held up in the mountains in Lehi, Utah.

Well that’s pretty vague.

Well, where the fuck is this place?

On several occasions, I have researched The Haven Retreat in an attempt to find out where this retreat is located. I dug DEEP, and found nothing.

Why is the location such a secret?

Why is it not listed anywhere on the internet?

Why doesn’t The Younique Foundation tell EVEN retreat participants the location much less the address of the Haven Retreat?

Googled Lehi, Utah to find out more information on the location of The Younique Foundation Haven Retreat.

According to the Lehi, Utah website the city has a population of roughly 54,000 people, give or take a few.

Fun fact – Lehi, Utah was originally settled by Mormon pioneers.

I urge you to visit Lehi, Utah. It’s simply breathtaking! (See below)

So with 54,000-ish people living in Lehi (back in 2015 anyway) it makes this official investigation a bit difficult. Although it could be worse.

I finally caved. I decided to visit the  Utah Government website. I visited this website before so I was pretty familiar with it.

Once on the Utah Government website I clicked on:


Then clicked on “Online Business services”

From the drop down menu I clicked on “Other Services”

Then I clicked on “Business Entity Search”

Once you are on this page you can search for a business; by business name, executive name, or Entity number.

I chose to search by Executive name (Maxfield)

Ooooooooooh this is sooooo exciting! *Ponders what juicy details I will find muah ha ha*

I get to the next screen which reads, “select payment method”.

WHAT??? You’ve got to be kidding me. They want me to fucking pay for this shit? Fuck tha…well its only $3.00 and I’m extremely curious what I may or may not find. Okay let’s go big or go home. I went BIG!

I put in my credit card information and paid the bloody $3.00 fee, argh! I finally hit the submit button…
Now for a moment, imagine walking into a beautiful church and there’s this amazing, beautiful choir singing, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah”!


All I see is “Derek P. Maxfield” listed next to these businesses over, and over, and over. HOLY FUCK! I have some research to do!


A lot of the businesses associated with the name “Derek P. Maxfield” I couldn’t find jack shit on.

A “Derek Maxfield” owns an airplane (no comment).

There were several businesses that I thought could be THE link to more information on the Haven Retreat but my searches so far turned up nothing. Damn.

I decided to do one last search.

Oh.. my.. god.

To be continued….

End Of The Month

It’s the end of the month for Younique, and all MLMs. You know what that means, push, push, push! They need to finish the month strong! Get those last minute sales in so that they can hit their goals.

Watch out especially for those yellows, they REALLY want to hit pink this month so they can get that $200 bonus that Derek was so generous to offer!

God, he is so great, he’s down to earth, funny, and would do anything for his presenters! Wait…

What? Do you mean…he lies to his Y-Family AKA his presenters??? Whattttttt???? It can’t be! Oh hun, it totally can be.

Let’s go back to that AAAAAAAMAZING $200 bonus he’s offering to his yellow and white presenters if they hit pink.

In order to hit pink status there’s a few things you have to do.

1.) you need to have at LEAST one person underneath you, so if you don’t have someone you need to go out and recruit at least one person. And, let’s be honest, that shit is hard AF.

2.) you need to have at least $250 in sales. Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad. That’s like two younique products LAWL.

Ok so far this totally sounds doable, an extra $200 in my pocket would be nice.

3.) you and your downline, AKA that one person you recruited, you two need to have combined sales of at least $2000.

But wait it gets better. Every time a presenter makes a sale they get 25% commission, so that sale you just made only the 75% after your commission is taken out is counted towards that $2000 you need to hit. Are you still with me?

Basically only 75% of a presenters sale go towards the $2000 you need to make. It’s math time eakkkkkkkk!!!!!!!11111!!!!!

$2000 X 25%=$500

Wow! Ok so the presenter and her “downline” ACTUALLY need to make at least $2500 in sales.

Well shit, that’s pretty fucked up. But remember Derek loves his presenters. Is that how you show love? Apparently so.

Wait, so I️ have to recruit one person and get $2500 in sales? That’s a hell of a lot for just $200.

And that OH SO LOVING Derek is only giving $200. $2000 divided by $200 comes out to 10%. WHAT THE FUCK?

You have to make 25% more in sales, but he’s only giving you 10% of your sales.

I️ don’t know about you but to me that seems like a LOT of fucking work for just $200.

MAYBE, he actually doesn’t give a flying fuckity fuck fuck about his presenters and just wants more sales. GASP! It can’t be true!!!! Oh hunbot, sorry not sorry it totally is true.

Cruelty Free Bullshit

First, i would like to clarify a few things.

1.) Younique is NOT cruelty free.

2.) I’ve heard several excuses by presenters, giving reasons as to why Younique has not pursued “formal certification” to be registered as cruelty free. Prepare yourselves, this is some ridiculous bullshit.

A.) It’s too expensive—I️ can’t even make this shit up. I’ve heard presenters give this as a reason over and over, and over, i shit you not. How the fuck does that even add up to these fucking people? They charge $40 for foundation, primer, concealer, etc, you get the idea.

B.) Younique has animal hair on some of their brushes, if they went cruelty free they would have to switch over to all synthetic makeup brushes.—oh. That’s interesting. Yep, that’s the ONLY reason younique has not gone cruelty free. Yeaaaaaahhhh. Riiiiiiggghhhht. Because that makes perfect sense. For fucks sake.

C.) Younique would rather spend the money on their presenters.(I saved the best one for last, you’re welcome)—hahaha. Say whaaaattttt? They actually believe this! I️ can’t even go on.

OK, moving on.

So, what is the real reason as to why Younique hasn’t pursued formal certification to be cruelty free? I have a few thoughts on this, not necessarily facts because, well, Younique will NOT say why. Making themselves look shady as fuck. Anyway, ahem…

Because it’s fun let’s talk about the reasons the presenters gave us:

1.) it’s too expensive—ok, for funsies let’s get into the nitty gritty details.

After doing some major research on the web:

A.) There doesn’t appear to be any set dollar amount on how much it costs to obtain a cruelty free certification. All the non-profits I️ came across only charge a one time fee, because they’re all non-profits it only covers what it would cost them to certify a company. Is it expensive? I don’t know.

Edit:I’m very unhappy with this part, and will do some digging!

2.) Younique has animal hair on some of their brushes.—Finally, a little bit of truth comes out of the presenters mouth, call me impressed! Let’s get nitty gritty!

A.) Yes, there is animal hair on some of their brushes. However, that is not the ONLY product that is not cruelty free. What other products you ask? I️ was waiting for you to ask! The following products are not cruelty free: 3D+ fiber lash mascara, epic mascara, lash serum, eyebrow palette, eyeshadows. Is that it? Well that’s not as bad as I️ thought! Hold on—i only looked at a few of the products ingredients. EVERY product, yep, every single one that I️ looked into is NOT cruelty free. Look for yourself, Younique lists the ingredients on every products page. Sorry presenters. Not sorry.

3.) Younique would rather spend the money on their presenters. A.) Ummmm no. You ARE brainwashed. Open up your god damn eyes and take a good look around. I️ can’t even continue with this one. My brain can’t even Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Can we please move on? Presenters make my poor brain hurt.

Going back to my opinions, thoughts, and whatever this is my blog I️ write what I️ want.

1.) Younique doesn’t give one single fucking shit about animals.

2.) The stupid company wants to make a loooootttttt of money. Animals? Fuck that, they better either get out of the way, or get run over by Derek Maxfield the CEO himself.

3.) True story: it’s well known that the founder and co-founder of Younique are Mormon. They take their religion very seriously. Next time there’s an annoying Mormon knocking at your door, stop and think that the founders children might be at your door. Yeah that’s right, eat that one for lunch.

I️ swear this is going somewhere.

Sooooooo Mormons apparently believe pretty strongly in kindness towards all animals.

“When animals were placed upon the earth, our Heavenly Father said that it was good. (See Gen. 1:25.) Since the creation of the earth, man has been given dominion over the animals. The seriousness of this charge is indicated in Joseph Smith’s inspired revision of Genesis:

“Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. … And surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands.” (JST, Gen. 9:9–11.)”

Source: LDS.org

Well someone better let Derek Maxfield know that he’s living in sin! SOUND THE PRESS!!!

Ok ok ok, we’re just about done.

Just a few things:

1.) Dont buy from an MLM!

2.) be the change you wish to see in the world–let me interpret that for you: GO OUT AND BUY FROM CRUELTY FREE COMPANIES!

3.) But in all seriousness, do you really want to be wearing animal carcass on your lips or forehead? Shits nasty af.

#Antimlm #poonique #Apportionedmembrane

My Younique Journey Began

At first i couldn’t believe how expensive their products were. But very quickly i found out that their products are expensive, because younique only sells high end skin care & makeup products.

I watched my Y-Sisters live videos, trying to learn as much as i could. Every presenter had every single one of Youniques products. In the presenters live videos they would do things such as a half face, the flawless four(primer, foundation, concealer, and the foundation brush), eyeshadow tutorials, and of course putting eyeshadow swatches on their arm with and without eye primer, and of course their famous 3D+ fiberlash mascara.

I️ couldn’t believe how well the foundation covered everything. I️ decided to spend the $40 on the foundation, and $32 on the foundation brush.

I️ finally did my first live video! I️ was so nervous. I️ took the smartass joking route in my video, because well that kinda sums up my personality. I’m not one to be fake, or even too serious, or lie. The more live videos I️ did, the more people would watch. People thought my live videos were hilarious. I️ kept doing the live videos, and I️ would buy a few products here and there. I️ was in love with Youniques products!

It was really hard to sell anything. So I️ started hitting up my family. I️ got a few sales, and hit the $125 in sales to get to the white status. Everyone was so excited how quickly I️ hit white status.

Between the products I️ was buying for myself, and the sales I️ got, I️ hit yellow status by my 5th week as a presenter for younique. My Y-Sisters were soooooo excited! And they posted it on all the Younique Facebook groups, they said I️ was on fire, being a presenter for younique came naturally for me, and that I️ hit yellow soooo fast!

My sponsor started to tell me that I️ need to recruit some people. They gave me tips and advice on how to do this. I️ started posting about it on Facebook, and in my VIP group, I️ didn’t get one single like. No one seemed interested.

My sponsor and my y-sisters who were at a higher color status started coaching me on how to get a recruit. One of them gave me a script, and told me I️ need to start messaging every girl on Facebook messenger. The script went something like this; hey girl!!! I️ hope you’re doing well! I️ noticed your posts on Facebook and your makeup always looks so good. You’re so pretty, have you thought about joining younique. You can do it all from your phone, and make extra money!

I️ sent the message to a couple people, everyone ignored. I️ felt pretty uncomfortable about sending a scripted message to my Facebook friends. But my y-sisters told me it’s not about recruiting girls, it’s about showing them how amazing younique, and sharing your love of what you do with other ladies!

I️ finally got a girl to join! She didn’t have the money to pay for a $99 kit, so I️ paid for it. But that didn’t matter, I️ had a girl under me! All my y-sisters were soooo excited eakkkkkk! She didn’t end up selling a single thing, her account went inactive and eventually terminated.

I Sort Of Gave A Shit

The big day came, I got my “kit” in the mail. I remember opening the box and looking in the purple bag and I thought, “this hardly came with any products”. The pictures online made it look like stuff was pouring out of the purple bag. So I unboxed all the products and put them back in the purple bag. I didn’t pick the bag up again until two weeks later.

These were my thoughts as I was unboxing the products:

A couple random brushes: meh whatever

3D fiber mascara: this sounds scary, and uncomfortable, I’m a bit terrified.

Lipgloss: I hate lipgloss

Cream eyeshadow: uhhh? This sounds slimy and gross.

Eyeshadow palette: ok boring colors, whatever.

Face wash: that’s cool, I’ll try that out.

***Ponders to self: “why is everything so fucking purple”?***

Beauty uplift serum: What the fuck is this? And why is it in such a weird bottle.

Rose water: ok sounds legit, but I have no idea what it’s for.

As you can see so far, excitement was not quite bleeding out of my ears.

Ok, so moving on.

My sponsor was like, “the first thing you need to do is create a group, call it your younique boutique, and then add every single female your friends with to the group”. I was like k why? She says, “you never know who’s going to be interested, people you never expected to buy anything will be your best customers”. Wait pause, just a btw that totally did not end up being true. So I made my cute lil group, I however did not add every single female. I didn’t want to be pushy or annoying—wait WHATTTTTTTT? Yeah I know, crazy right? Don’t worry my uplines tried to change that!

So my sponsor is like super boss babe excited, right? Before I received my kit in the mail she’s like, “omggggggg ok so you totalllly have to do a live video of you opening the box, and unboxing every product, so all the ladies can see how excited you are”. I told her ok. But I was thinking, “The fuck? I’m not doing that. Yeah, no not happening”.

The whole thing just felt weird to me. The girls were just a lil too excited for my liking, I told myself I wasn’t going to be pushy or annoying, it sorta felt like I was coming out of the closet to all of my Facebook friends.

So I made a Facebook post about it. Along the lines of, “a friend talked me into it, I’m now selling makeup for younique, go ahead laugh at me. I figured meh why not”?

My sister in law(who is a total cunt bitch, god I can’t stand her. That felt soooo good. I can say that and she’ll never see it because I’m anonymously writing this!) commented on my status and was like, “I’m not laughing at you but I’m sorry to say that’s just a pyramid scheme”. I was already aware of this, and she’s a waste of time so I just didn’t reply to her comment. But don’t you guys worry-my sponsor saw it (I was waiting for her to notice it muah ha ha) and she replied to my sister in laws comment. She basically said blah blah blah it’s not a pyramid scheme, step the fuck down before I sick all my y-sisters on you.

That’s the very beginning of my MLM journey.

Exciting shit I know. Don’t you worry my little readers, were just getting started.

It’s so easy to hate them

It’s so easy to hate these people that work for an MLM. After all,

they’re pushy,

they post motivational things to captivate their audience, and come off as someone who is real.

They randomly friended you on Facebook, and you have no idea who they are.

They just randomly messaged you to see how you’re doing, only to throw a sales pitch into what you thought was a nice conversation.

They post their “why” once a week.

You get randomly added to their, “VIP” group.

We the people of social media are sick and tired of these MLMers spamming our social media sites!

But did you know that behind every MLMer is their sponsor, or upline, or recruiter, or whatever the fuck that company calls that person who is 1, 2, 3 or whatever colors, or diamonds, or whatever levels ahead of this MLMer. And that ultra boss babe leader is breathing down that poor newly recruited MLMers neck.

This ultra boss babe leader is telling the newly recruited MLMer:

1.) Post 3-5 times a day in your super duper VIP group, and her personal page. It must be a combination of motivational, your face next to a product, and something advertising your amaaaaazing business.

The fuck? And this is every day? EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. But you need to be consistent and post every day, because after all if you don’t post 3-5 x a day you won’t get any customers, then you’ll never move up the pyramid, and you’ll never become an ultra boss babe leader.

2.) do a live video every day.

Are you kidding me, every day? Yup, it better be every day otherwise your losing customers that some other ultra 5x diamond boss babe will snatch up. PLUS, live videos are the best way to get sales. O rly? Why? Who the fuck knows. Wait, does this mean I have to shower every day? Well shit, I’m cool with doing the other shit, but, taking a shower every single god damn day? I didn’t sign up for this, can I just use some dry shampoo like 4 days in a row? NO YOU MUST SHOWER OR YOU WONT BE SUCCESSFUL!

3.) start growing your team!

Huh? Basically you better start talking about how amazing your biz is, how you are your own boss, basically you better start faking it, lying, deceiving people, and telling people your making major bank, even though you’ve actually lost money. If you don’t grow your team you’ll never move up the pyramid, and also your sponsor will be super hunbot pissed. Because their not making money off of you and your recruits. GET IT TOGETHER BETCH!

4.) lets all post our “why” today!!!!!!!!

The fuck is a why? Well, talk about why you joined this amazing business. It better fucking be moving and cause a girl to tear up. Tell everyone that you are your own boss, even though your not, and you actually had to sign a legal agreement. Tell them it has changed your life, and became part of this aaaassshmazing lash boss dream team sisterhood! You can work when you feel like it, even though that’s not true. Say that you wish you hadn’t waited so long to join. You should probably make a collage, with your face, a pic of the starter kit, and your company’s innovative logo. Make sure you use heart emojis in place of bullet points. Oh and show how much you love what you do by using every emoji two times! Oh and end your why with, “watch me or join me”. That phrase will make every female want to know more about your lash biznessssssss.

This is not everything, but a few of the top ones. Next time you see an annoying MLM post, think back to this blog entry. Maybe show a little sympathy?

I mean what do I know though? I only used to be a hunbot. Don’t hate on the little guy. Hate the founders, and the very top leaders. These are the real bad guys. The pyramid sets the Huns up for failure before they even started. The Huns at the bottom, they’re all the company’s customers. The Huns buy product to show it off, and then again to meet their monthly goal, and then they decide they need to build up stock. They eventually lose all hope of moving up the pyramid, and quit only to be replaced by two more hunbots.

I feel bad for the Huns. They were lied to, deceived, given false information, because let’s be honest this was the only way to get anyone to join. They just wanted to make a little extra money, they had no idea it would be like this.

This is all my take on it anyway. Decide for yourself. You do you brah.

Edit: I finished up this post kinda quickly. I had a killer migraine, please forgive me!

I know there are ALWAYS two sides to every coin. Because I worked in an MLM my view point is a bit skewed. What I mean is, I see MLMers differently than your average joe who has never worked for an MLM. I saw this post on reddit, a business owner was venting about people who work for MLMs. They talked about how they worked their ass off to get where their at today. Then you have all these MLMers who call themselves “business owners”. I definitely saw this persons point too. If I was that person I would be pissed, and angry, and feel like these MLMers are making a joke out of being a business owner. Anyway, I enjoy reading about other people’s perspectives on things.

Feel free to leave yours in a comment or email me!


Where to begin…

I’ve been pondering for what seems like days, trying to decide what I wanted my next blog post to be about.

There’s just too many options, where does a gal begin?

Then I started thinking about my time with younique, why was I under the impression that all of Youniques products were so, “high end”?

The truth is, the majority of ladies that start selling for younique (presenters) don’t know a god damn thing about makeup.

I didn’t get recruited for my amazing talent of knowing everything about makeup. No, I got recruited(sounds like I’m joining the fucking army) because I have a pretty face. Now, that DEFINITELY is not why everyone gets recruited/becomes a boss babe. I mean let’s be real…we’ve all seen the pictures. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRETTY TO JOIN YOUNIQUE! If you have no idea what I’m talking about go to Instagram and search; #younique.

I knew about what the average girl knows about makeup, which is sad.

I wore makeup once a week? If not, less. I didn’t give a shit about going into public with a naked face.

I was the “perfect candidate”, aka a stay at home mom. I swear they search far and wide for us, YOU CANT HIDE FROM THEM!

So I got recruited by an old friend. After telling her no twice. But as the uplines tell you, “no just means not right now”. Don’t even get me started on that one!

So I started selling, having no fucking idea what I was doing. But I winged it, and not to toot my own horn, I was pretty good at the whole selling thing.

I bought a bunch of their products, a few here, a few there. And all the presenters were like OMG YOU HAVE TO BUY THE TOUCH MINERAL LIQUID FOUNDATION/LIQUID GOLD/PHOTO SHOP IN A BOTTLE!! Yes these are real nicknames for their foundation.

Me: Holy fucking shit, $40 for a bottle of foundation?

My sponsor: omg it’s totally worth it hun, it’s photo shop in a bottle!

I caved. I tried it, it matched my skin tone perfect and the coverage was decent, so I bought into the whole, younique has high end products, and these are just the prices for high end makeup.

And so it began.

The Younique Foundation was just the cherry on top of the mother fucking cake.

So, see you can’t entirely blame the presenters. Yeah their annoying as all hell, they honestly just don’t know any better.

Until next time,


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